Launch A 100% Done-For-You Faceless YouTube Channel To $5k Per Month Without Having To Show Your Face Or Spend A Dime On Ads!


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Launch A 100% Done-For-You Faceless YouTube Channel To $5k Per Month Without Having To Show Your Face Or Spend A Dime On Ads!


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3 Steps to Joining Our Youtube Automation Program

Choose a Package

The First Step is to decide how many channels you want and how many videos you'd like to be published monthly. We recommend starting with at least 2 channels and 8-12 videos per month as Youtube is a numbers game and the more channels and videos you have, the higher your chances of going viral and really making $10k - $50k+ per month.

Youtube Channel Setup & Content Creation

We'll put together your content creation team who will get started on video production. We will then transfer an already monetized Youtube Channel to you that is ready to earn. Our team will upload and manage all your videos, as well as keep an eye out on your channel to help it scale!

Get Paid

We will set you up so you get paid directly from Youtube for all your advertising earnings! Every 1 million Views can pay out as much as $3,000 - $10,000+. All of this goes to you as we don't take a revenue share. This is what sets us aside from our competition!

Done With You Youtube Channel Launch

We will do most of the work for you, but this package still requires your attention.

  • Course Area where we will teach you how to build your channel and get it monetized FAST!
  • Our hiring service will hire your team for you!
  • Done For You SOPs for your team to follow so none of the work falls on you!
  • Access to our Exclusive Youtube Automation Community!
  • Team training once per week to make sure your team is operating effectively
  • Coaching calls to help you manage your team effectively!

Done For You Youtube Channel Launch

100% Hands Off


  • Done For You Youtube Automation Channel
  • Monetized (Youtube Partner Program)
  • Custom Branding
  • Our Personal Content Creation Team Will Create And Publish All Of Your Videos For THE ENTIRE Year
  • The fastest route to big success with Youtube Automation

Check Out Some Of Our Client's Channels Successes!

This Client Launched late September 2021!

This Client did $20k in the month of February!

This Client made $32k in 100% passive revenue in 28 days

Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to feel safe with your investment so if you don’t make ROI within 12 months, we will personally refund you 50% of anything you’ve spent with us as well as let you KEEP the Youtube Channel! No other Youtube Automation company will offer you this!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i start?

Book a call with our team to figure out which package is best for you.

Are there any ongoing costs?

The only additional cost per month is video production. You pay anywhere between $90-$120 per video which includes thumbnails, video, script, voiceover, everything. We upload and optimize the videos for you.

How many videos do you recommend publishing per month?

We recommend publishing anywhere between 10-30 videos per month depending on your budget. Obviously, the more you publish, the faster your channel grows and the more money you earn. Remember, Youtube is a numbers game and the more channels and videos you have, the faster you’ll make it to the top!

How fast can I make ROI?

You can expect to ROI anywhere between 3-8 months. Not only will your channels be earning passive income, but since you own 100% of the channel, your channel will be worth a substantial amount after months of growing and video production. This is why its called digital real estate! It will appreciate and one day you can sell the channel itself for big bucks!

Why should I own multiple channels?

This is easy! Youtube is strictly a numbers game. Lets say you have 3 channels in different niches. One niche may perform 10x better in a given month allowing that channel to grow much faster. You then decide to scale that channel while allowing the other ones to grow. You can literally go viral from your very first video earning you thousands! Not every channel will perform the same, but with our Youtube Experts, each and every one of your channels will eventually see success. By starting with multiple channels, you may have 1 channel that will earn $10,000 – $50,000 in a month which will give you more profits to invest in the other channels and videos or even more channels! Most of our clients re-invest profits back into more channels and videos because why not? Youtube is a proven business model, we are simply doing the work for you!

How quickly can you get my channel monetized?

We Guarantee to get your channel monetized in 30 days! Which is huge considering you’ll have to wait 6 months with other companies to get monetized and in those 6 months, you earn nothing! Time is money and we want to save you money!

No Matter Where You Are In Life YOU CAN Overcome Your Current Circumstances!

While Andrew's greatest regret in life is wearing air-pods on the Dee Armstrong show, he weathers the embarrassment in hopes that the video will encourage others to overcome their current circumstances by capitalizing on an opportunity that he believes is the best route to financial freedom.

Launching an automated Digital Marketing Agency!

The Choice Is Yours!

The door of opportunity is right in front of you... The question is: "Will you capitalize on it?"

You could launch an agency all by yourself... And be forced to suffer the costs of your mistakes.

Or you could take a chance and apply to partner with someone who has already done it and someone who has helped countless others do it too!

Partner With Andrew To Launch A Digital Marketing Agency With Somebody Who Built And Sold Their First Agency At The Age Of 21 And Has Helped Countless Others Do It Too

90% of "Marketing Gurus" are self-proclaimed “experts” or even so called “certified”, but look closer and you’ll find they don’t have the real-world experience of successfully creating and building multiple 6 & 7 figure agencies from scratch.

Andrew Pabia not only has proven himself capable of doing so by launching and selling his own agency, but has an indisputable track record of quickly and effectively helping his students scale to over 6 and even 7 figures by sharing with them the EXACT same strategies, techniques, and tools that he’s used in his businesses resulting in accelerated growth (doubling, tripling, or even 10x-ing their net profits within 12 months in most cases).*

He packs real-world knowledge and proven results into tactical sales and marketing “playbooks” that provides agency owners everything they need to create a well-oiled machine designed to dramatically transform their business in a short period of time.

If you’re serious about committing to transforming your life over the course of the next year and want to be Andrew’s next success story, click the button below to apply for Andrew Pabia's Done4You Agency Launch Service – it costs you nothing, and if you don’t feel like it was worth your time, Andrew will personally donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice. How’s that for a No B.S. Guarantee!

The Andrew Pabia Story.

In November 2017 Andrew Pabia Stepped Into A Kitchen Full Of Empty Cabinets And Realized That He & His Wife Had $0 In The Bank And No Food In The Kitchen To Feed Their 2 Year Old Son, Bentley...

However, Andrew Calls This Day "One Of The Best Things That Ever Happened To Him" His, "DEFINING MOMENT."

You See, Andrew Had A Decision That Day...

He Could Figure It Out And And Cower Back To His 9-5 And Forever Live A Life Of Mediocrity...


He Could Take A Leap Of Faith And Launch Something So Big That He Would Never Have To Worry About Putting His Family Through That EVER Again...

Luckily, That Day Andrew DECIDED That He Would Never Settle For Anything Less Than Great...

TODAY He Has Not Only Launched And Sold His OWN Agency Brands, But He Has Helped Countless Others Do It Too!

And The Best Part Is, Now His Family Gets To Experience New Things That His 9-5 Never Would Have Supported!

You See That's The Secret...


Andrew Capitalized On A Massive Opportunity That Nobody Was Taking Advantage Of.

An Opportunity That Turned Out To Change His Entire Life.

An Opportunity That Is Still Open To ANYBODY That Has The Courage To Reach Out And Take It.

What Andrew Thought Was The Worst Day Of His Life Turned Out To Be His Defining Moment.


If You're Ready To Stop Settling For Anything Less Than Great Then Click Button Below To Schedule A Call With Andrew's Agency Launch Team.

A Personal Note From Andrew Himself

God has given me so much to be thankful for, and one of the things that I'm most grateful for is the network of very high level entrepreneurs that God allowed me to tap into. I really believe it was a major contributor in my rapid growth as an entrepreneur.

Networking with successful people makes you successful yourself. If you have ever heard the saying "You Are The Average Of The 5 People That You Spend The Most Time With" Than You Know What I Mean.

So in honor of spreading his love, his grace, and his glory, I would like to extend a personal invitation to connect with me via my personal Facebook. All you have to do is add me on Facebook and I will be more than happy to help you in any way that is within my means!

God Bless You, Andrew

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