Funnel Building isn’t your job. Seriously, it isn’t. There are a lot more things for you to think about. Consider having a team by your side that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world scale their businesses by creating high-quality sales funnels in as fast as 14 days!

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Here Is Everything You Get With Our TigerEye Automation Program...

We guarantee that your funnel will be fantastic. Our goal is to make a favorable first impression in order to catch people’s attention! Our team ensures that all images and graphic elements successfully and efficiently convey your message!

We will not keep you waiting that long since we respect your time. One of the things we are most proud of is our incredibly fast turnaround. Your funnel should arrive in as fast as seven days! That is lightning quick, isn't it?

Our designers and builders have developed their skills over the course of our four years in the business. Expect a meticulously designed and constructed funnel that will undoubtedly assist you in attracting more leads, increasing your sales, and scaling your business.

You’ll have a team of highly-skilled and globally competitive funnel designers and builders who will work relentlessly to complete the project on time.Plus, you’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who will stick with you from beginning to end.

Our back-end developers provide the most effective and efficient solutions for engineering technology by converting and returning data to front-end code that your users can interact with, such as filling out forms, scheduling, and making payments.

Those are important, but we'd say it's your employees.

They bring their talent and insight to the table every day and put in effort to make the business succeed. And their most valuable resources are their time and attention. Why waste those on busywork when you can automate your business and free your employees to focus on what's important?

Busywork hides in unexpected places. The software, apps, and digital tools you use to run your business come with bloated inboxes and notification overload. Most employees interact with dozens of apps every week, and often that comes with new forms of busywork as they have to shuttle information between different apps.

Automation is a clear solution, taking repetitive tasks and seamlessly running them in the background.

This type of automation refers to a piece of software or code that responds to a trigger from one program by executing an action in another. Put simply, "When this happens, do that." You spend some time setting up the rules to govern these actions, and from then on, they run each time without you having to think about it.

This frees your team to focus on more engaging, productive work, but it can be a challenge to know where to begin the process.

On the initial call our team will walk you through how to add automation to your business.

Before beginning the process, it's important to understand the results you want to see from automation. This helps you target your approach, so you're adding automation where it will be the most effective. Bain & Company's research shows an average cost reduction of 20% for companies employing automation, with "high-volume, rules-based processes" showing the most opportunity for labor reduction.

When thinking about how you are going to automate your business, look for opportunities to implement processes that will lighten your team's workload, spark creativity, and reduce costs.

Pinpoint complicated or time-consuming workflows.

Pinpoint complicated or time-consuming workflows. What tasks take up the majority of employees' time? Which tasks are repetitive or recurring? These are ideal candidates for automation. It's likely your employees will have a very good idea of what these tasks are, as they tend to be the most onerous and annoying.

Understand what apps are being used and how they talk to each other

Any place where a person acts as a bridge between software platforms is a great candidate for automation. There's no reason to have staff run interference for these apps: Let them communicate with each other directly.

Look at the ways people and departments communicate.

Are there departments that need to communicate frequently or often access information from the same sources? Automation can make it easier to share and transfer knowledge.

Identify opportunities for innovation.

Identify areas you want to see growth and creativity and encourage the teams working on those projects to create new and exciting tools with automation. You can use automation to synthesize and analyze information, spark ideas, or create entirely new tools when your existing apps are falling short of their potential.

A few places we will evaluate to help you get started with automation:

Managing notifications with automation frees employees from distraction by eliminating unnecessary notifications and collecting important notifications in a single place.

Automation can help you with file management by backing up files, creating folders and documents from templates when a new project starts, or downloading and organizing email attachments as you go.

Task management—like adding items to to-do lists and keeping team members informed of progress on projects—is another easy place to add automation.

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